Service Guidelines

All the users interacting with our services (including, but not limited to: Free Image Hosting Service, Free Video Hosting Service) in any way must follow these guidelines.
Content not following these guidelines will be removed. Going against some of them might cause legal consequences, expecially when posted content exposes people to actual danger.

Your posted content shall NOT contain any of the following:

1 Legal consequences

Threats of violence, being racist and discriminating other people might lead to legal consequences. Cyberbullyism is forbidden in Europe and in the United States of America.
If you feel like you're in physical danger, please contact me through Steam and I'll send you all the data you need (IP addresses and timestamps) so you can proceed legally. If we don't feel like your claims are legitimate, we won't give you the data you're requesting.
For anything, contact me on Steam. [Open on Steam]
Via mail: